Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with OmniVue.



Michael Deaderick, CFO, Park ‘N Fly

“The VueFinderTM session revealed an opportunity to refine how we discuss our mission, vision, and value statements. By understanding this gap, we undertook a three-month internal effort to define more fully the company’s strategy. These changes, sparked by OmniVue’s VueFinder process, have led to long-term strategic changes that will enable us to face the challenges of the new economy.”

Jackie Young, Controller, GG&A

“With OmniVue hosting and managing Microsoft Dynamics® GP, we could get started quickly with minimal upfront cost and low ongoing costs.”

Bill Brown, CFO, GG&A

“By working with OmniVue to host Microsoft Dynamics, we are able to keep our capital costs low. And, by having them manage the system, we avoided having to acquire the IT skills needed to do that job ourselves.”

Brad Matuzak, General Manager, Marting Manufacturing

“I was preparing myself for a tough road. I needed confidence that somebody had been through this before and could help me. OmniVue started to show us how things work, explained the different phases, the approximate time it would take, the information requirements, the people we needed to include in the process. And once we saw that, it became easier and our fears were relieved. We could see a path.”

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